Yoga Mats Eko Sticky Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats Eko Sticky Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats Ocean Eko Sticky Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats Apricot Eko Sticky Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats Storm Grey Eko Sticky Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats Eko Sticky Yoga Mat
Yoga Mats Eko Sticky Yoga Mat

Eko Sticky Yoga Mat

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The NEW zero-plastic packaging Eko Sticky Mat is now available in three beautiful colours. Storm, Ocean and Apricot. With no paper wrapper, and zero single-use plastic.

Launched in 2018, we believe The Eko Sticky Yoga Mat is one of the BEST affordable yoga mats in the UK. Featured in British Vogue's Shortlist, it is developed using a more eco-friendly material than a standard sticky mat, AND with a soft and supportive 5mm cushion, we've created an all-around GREAT mat for beginner yogis, or those who like to keep things simple. If you are new to yoga, we highly recommend our bundle - The Eko Sticky Essentials Kit.

A high quality, affordable grip yoga mat; the Eko Sticky is perfect for those starting their journey, or for anyone wanting a simple, lightweight yoga mat.

  • Made from PER, a more environmentally friendly material than standard PVC.
  • Zero plastic packaging
  • Available in 3 stunning colours
  • Fantastic grip!

Looking for a teacher discount? Buy a pack of 12 here. If you need a quantity less than twelve, you can still get a small discount by applying for our teacher account here.

Thickness: 5mm

Size: 183 cm x 61 cm

Cushion: Soft


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