The Gift of Yoga

A restorative, calm, environmentally aware Christmas. 

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Our Top Restorative Products

Free Gift Service

  • Handwritten message on festive plantable seed paper
  • 2 x mini Divine dark chocolates
  • Festive trees paper tape
  • "NO PEEKING" label 

Write your message when you checkout, we'll do the rest.

We will also exclude the receipt and provide information on exchanges.

To save trees, we will not gift wrap individual items. But, we will make your box looks as pretty as possible!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from the Ekotex Yoga Elves.

Bundles for Home Practice

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Cork Essentials Kit
Eco Warrior Yoga Kit

Send gifts to multiple addresses.

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Stocking Fillers

Cork Sphere

small gifts

Under £15


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The Yamas: A deeper look at satya
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