How to use a Yoga Bolster

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Here we've listed some VERY simple (but powerful) postures you can try with your bolster at home, to form part of your restorative practice. You can incorporate these towards the end of your daily yoga practice, or bring your bolster out in the evenings and give your body a break from the settee! The critical thing is to breathe into each pose and be mindful of tension easing from your body.

You can use either one of our round organic cotton buckwheat bolsters or our organic cotton rectangular yoga bolsters. Our rectangular bolsters are lower and broader, so will offer a gentler stretch.

1. Supported Backbend

- open your chest, shoulders and relax the abdomen

- ease lower back pain

Place the bolster vertically behind you, line the short end directly with the lower back. Make sure it is as close to the base of your spine as possible.

If you have a long back, place a block or pillow at the top end of the bolster so that your head and neck will be supported as you lie back.

Lie back. Let your arms drape over each side of the bolster. Your legs can be straight, or you can bring the soles of the feet together and draw our heels up to open your hips. 

2. Supported Forward Fold

- A beautiful, calming pose for the nervous system (I recommend you do this EVERY DAY)

- eases tight hamstrings and lower back

Stretch both legs in front of the body, place your bolster directly on top.

Inhale, raise your arms up overhead (keeping your shoulders down) and exhale, laying your chest over the bolster.

Keep your feet flexed. If you are very stiff, you may also need a block or blanket under your forehead.

Relax, breathe deeply.

3. Supported Sukhasana (Sitting!)

- Perfect for desk workers


- MUMS/DADS who spend much of their time lifting, carrying and/or stooped over (I 100% vouch for this! It is incredibly effective in releasing the front of the body.)

- Anyone with tight hips!

Sit cross-legged on your bolster. You can be in lotus or half lotus, or just stack your ankles on top of one another.

Your knees should gently rest on the ground. If your ankles or feet feel uncomfortable, lay a blanket on the ground beneath them (or use your yoga mat.)

Sit up straight, inhale deeply and roll your shoulders down and back as you exhale.

Stay here for 3-5 minutes, then uncross your legs, and recross the opposite way to open your other side.

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