We do we recommend yoga bolsters with Spelt Husk filling?

We do we recommend yoga bolsters with Spelt Husk filling?

Ekotex Yoga is excited to share with you our yoga bolsters filled with the goodness of locally sourced, organic spelt husk! Not only is it an eco-friendly and sustainable filling option, but it also brings a host of health benefits to your yoga practice.

We introduced spelt-filled bolsters in 2021 when importing stock became increasingly difficult. We found an outstanding organic supplier of ancient grains in England, and we now hand-fill all of our bolsters and meditation cushions in Edinburgh.

What is Spelt Husk?

Spelt husk, also known as spelt chaff, is the outer layer of the spelt grain that gets removed during the milling process. Grain is stored after harvest at controlled temperatures and humidity levels. The grain is periodically dehulled during the year - so all of the hull (husk) we use is from grain that has just been processed. And instead of going to waste, we've found a way to give it a new life as the filling for our yoga bolsters. By using spelt husk sourced locally, we're helping the environment and supporting small organic farmers in the process. In addition, we fill all of our bolsters by hand in Edinburgh, significantly reducing CO2 from shipping.

Will my bolster rot or go mouldy?

The short answer is 'No.' Your bolster will only go mouldy if you keep it in the garden or bury it! But every part of your bolster (except the zip) will biodegrade if you choose to throw it away. We sell spare covers and extra filling to restore your bolsters, so you should never need to!

The husk naturally regulates moisture (nature's way of protecting the grain), so it will only go mouldy if you store it in a very damp environment.

Will my bolster attract creatures or insects?

There is no food source in the bolster. Just the outer skin of the grain is used to fill the bolster. The husk is removed before the grain is milled, so it has not come into contact with 'flour' - therefore, it does not attract as a food source.

The spelt grain is stored in controlled conditions before dehulling. Motion sensors are present in the grain silo, so any insects or infestations are detected. In addition, all of our husk is heated to 45C before filling as an extra measure to kill anything that may be lying dormant (it is organic. We want to be extra sure!) 

Health Benefits

The husk is naturally hypoallergenic and dust-free, making it perfect for anyone with allergies or sensitivities. It also provides just the right amount of cushioning for your joints during yoga, making your practice more comfortable and supportive.

We wrap our spelt husk-filled bolsters in soft, breathable organic cotton covers. Growing cotton organically means no harmful pesticides or chemicals are used, making it a healthier option for you and the environment.

In Summary.

At Ekotex Yoga, we believe in the power of natural materials for a sustainable and healthy yoga practice. Our yoga bolsters combine locally sourced, organic spelt husk and organic cotton - a perfect combination for the health of you and the planet. You can read more about spelt and our other fillings in our guide here. Balance with a lighter footprint!


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