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Our fourth sub-limb of the Yamas is brahmacharya (brah-muh-char-yuh). This has many different meanings including celibacy and restraint which makes it an unpopular or misunderstood Yama. However, this Yama is a beautiful way of exploring where we are putting energy - sexual or otherwise. In Sanskrit ‘Brahma’ means God / creative force / divine / *insert word(s) of your choice* whilst ‘charya’ means to follow. Since Brahma is within all of us, brahmacharya means utilising your prana (vital energy) for your highest good.
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There are many bolsters on the market - different shapes, sizes, fillings, weights - it can be overwhelming.
We've handpicked the best materials to make the PERFECT long-lasting eco bolsters, at the perfect dimensions for everybody. Our happy customer reviews agree :)

The Filling

Let's start in the middle—the filling. We can separate fillings into two categories - lightweight, fibre or foam-based fillings, and heavier, grain-based fillings.

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I hope you are well, enjoying the summer and a little more freedom - and maybe even the occasional face-to-face yoga class! Despite everything, we have had so much fun this year. There have also been exceptionally stressful periods, and I...
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