Sprials of Life - We're Four Today!

Sprials of Life - We're Four Today!

We are FOUR today!

We officially opened our website on 14th October 2017. I was three weeks away from my due date—we were busy!

I felt like I'd closed a circle. I played two games as a child - answering a calculator (pretending I ran a company) and pretending to be a Mum.

How did I get here?

Eight years ago - I was at Uni. I wasn't looking for a job but opened my computer at the right time. There was a receptionist vacancy at a yoga studio around the corner from my flat - the job description was brief, posted 60 seconds earlier, and described me. I had an interview the next day - and got the job (it was a lousy interview, I was so under-confident, but the dog liked me - thank you 🐶.) The studio was owned by Bruce, co-founder of Yoga Alliance Professionals and owner of The Yoga Shop.

I was so pleased to have a job (I'd been too ill to work for five years, but that's another story), and I may have gone a little OTT 🤣. If you're paying me for my time: No clock watching, no taking it easy, not even a tea break - my mind is yours. I wasn't 'just a receptionist'; I was the best receptionist I could be.  

Within around 9 months, I was doing more with my innate nerd skills, working for Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) on their website. Within 18 months, I was managing the Yoga Shop plus a bit more for YAP. I put everything into it, and I received knowledge in return. I worked with some brilliant people, who are now lifelong friends. Within four years of starting my reception role, I'd grown from an under-confident girl to a woman buying the business from her boss, with the confidence to know I could make something wonderful, on my own terms with my own vision. 🙏🏼 It was never planned. But I guess it was meant to be.

A few things helped me on the way.

  1. Luck/The Universe!
  2. Yoga. It matured me emotionally. It taught me lessons in attachment, pain, discomfort. It taught me how to be present and how to let things go.
  3. The people. Someone saw my potential. Let me make mistakes, allowed me to succeed, and let me go off on my own.

Coming full circle

Another four years on - Ekotex Yoga looks very different. I love it, and it's now more than me. We genuinely give people a more sustainable choice. We are coming round again, and we've partnered up with Yoga Alliance Professionals to give their members a discount on our products to support their teachers and studios in their growth and with their income. I'm talking to old friends and new collaborators - and it's a joy to see how much they have developed in the past four years too. To witness how they've supported and advised their community through such a difficult time.

You can learn more about Yoga Alliance Professionals here.


I wonder where we will be in another four years time?

If you are a Yoga Alliance Professionals Member, you can find out more about our partnership here.

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