Accessories Mini Restore Bundle
Accessories Mini Restore Bundle
Accessories Ocean Blue / Rocks & Roses Mini Restore Bundle

Mini Restore Bundle

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Our mini restore kit is for the perfect savasana, for a meditation where you can float away.

The mini bolster supports the weight of your head, relieving tension in the neck. The eye pillow applies a gentle weight to your eyelids, removing all light. Meanwhile, a mini flame flickers, breathing in its scent.

For the person in your life (or you) who needs a moment to rest, to invest in the mind, and to breathe a sigh.


Coast Deep and soothing notes of amber and sea salt will carry you away on the sea breeze. It's as refreshing and inviting as a swim in a secret bay. Coast revives the spirit and soothes the soul.

Violet & Lime The luxury of violet blends with a refreshing lime twist creates a luxurious and relaxing fragrance.

Rocks and Roses Those who love the scent of roses will adore the modern twist on a classic scent. A floral statement with gentle citrus and sandalwood notes.

Spring air Infused with wild mint and basil, Spring Air will bring every room alive – even if the weather needs a little more encouragement.

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