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Ekotex Guide to Yoga Bolsters

There are many bolsters on the market - different shapes, sizes, fillings, weights - it can be overwhelming.
We've handpicked the best materials to make the PERFECT long-lasting eco bolsters, at the perfect dimensions for everybody. Our happy customer reviews agree :)

The Filling

Let's start in the middle—the filling. We can separate fillings into two categories - lightweight, fibre or foam-based fillings, and heavier, grain-based fillings.

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Spelt Yoga Bolster - The Recipe
This is the first product we have made in the UK, and it will be the first of many. We developed this product in April 2020 due to supply chain disruption caused by Covid. We managed to source materials from suppliers across the UK and Europe,and produced the bolster here in the UK too.
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How to use a Yoga Bolster
Here we've listed some VERY simple (but powerful) postures you can try with your bolster at home, to form part of your restorative practice. You can incorporate these towards the end of your daily yoga practice, or bring your bolster...
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