Spelt Yoga Bolster - The Recipe

Spelt Yoga Bolster Made in UK - Ekotex Yoga

I have been thinking of sharing more information about our products for a while. Our ingredients, where they come from, who contributes to the final result and how. So, here I am starting from "the recipe" of our latest product, the Spelt Yoga Bolster.

This is the first product we have made in the UK, and it will be the first of many. We developed this product in April 2020 due to supply chain disruption caused by Covid. 

We managed to source materials from suppliers across the UK and Europe, and produced the bolster here in the UK too.

Our focus when developing this product was to keep it as local as possible. It is not organic, as many of the organic products available at the time were only available from the Far East. To counteract this, we have used a linen blend for the bulk of the fabric. Linen requires far fewer (if any) pesticides and less water than cotton. We hope to better this with our next generation of UK made bolster - watch this space!

For now, enjoy a durable, professionally handcrafted product. Filled with love, made by our family.

Ingredients list

Outer cover fabric - linen cotton union, UK supplier made in EU.

Inner fabric - 100% cotton - UK supplier

Pull cord - 100% cotton - German supplier

Inner zip - Nylon/cotton - UK supplier

Filling - Spelt husk -  from spelt grown in the UK

Label - 100% undyed cotton, printed.

Who made this product?

Abbie’s Dad! Filled with spelt husk by Rebeca in our Edinburgh Warehouse.

Make me last! (Product care)

The outer cover is easily removable. The fabric is pre washed and will not shrink. Wash on a 30C cycle and air dry.


You can remove spelt husk as required to reach the optimum comfort level for you. We suggest you use the bolster for 2-4 weeks before doing this as the fabric may stretch ever so slightly after initial use - we pack them extremely tightly to accommodate this.

We can send additional husk via postage on request if you have a spill - or you can source your own filling locally.

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