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What is Dharana?
You have probably had moments where you’ve experienced dharana (dhaar-uh-nah) - you are lost in the flow of doing something you love and before you know it two hours have passed. Wouldn’t it be great to intentionally bring this level...
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2021 - A message from Abbie Sweet, Founder.
Firstly, I hope you are well – in all respects – physically, mentally, spiritually. 2020 was a challenging year, and it already seems that 2021 will bring its own challenges. We are fortunate enough to have been able to remain...
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Practising yoga to prevent stress
We all experience stress from time to time in our lives. Stress heightens our alertness to any present danger and can be beneficial. However, far too many of us suffer from chronic stress that causes a nagging feeling and persistent...
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