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    Yoga Travel Collection

    For the on Travel Products

    "While the sun is shining, I've found my practice has moved outside, up hills, with evening meditations in the garden... Enjoy 15% off our products below, we hope they help you to carry your practice everywhere!" - Abbie Sweet

    Flora Cotton Mat Bag

    Our new FLORA mat bag comes with a FREE pure silk eye mask, filled with lavender and linseed (£9.78 each). Flora is made from a heavy, quality cotton. Wear her like a rucksack. Fits a mat + your yoga outfit and a towel.

    Ocean Yoga Kit Bag

    A must-have for teachers on the move, or if you're a lover of props! Carry a yoga mat, plus bricks, belt and a blanket. If you're a teacher, you can fill her with the essentials for your class. Made from Organic Cotton.

    An Affordable Travel Mat

    "I recently took our humble balance travel mat (factory-second!) to Italy. We were staying in an apartment with a terrace, overlooking Mount Vesuvius and urban Napoli. Our terrace was a plateau of calm, with jasmine, rosemary and lavender elevating me above the city. I do not remember the yoga mat, it allowed me to practice entirely without distraction. Take me back!" Abbie Sweet

    A Travel Mat that won't Cost the EARTH

    We have SECONDS available! Made in the EU, our seconds would otherwise go to landfill. Minor defects only, all mats a perfectly usable. At £11, you'll have a travel-buddy for LIFE. Fold into a suitcase or rucksack, and pop it in the washing machine when you return home.

    The Full Travel Sale Collection