The Importance of going inwards in Winter

The Importance of going inwards in Winter

As we move into the winter months, the sun does not have the powerful warmth it once did. We spent those days socialising, enjoying the outdoors and fun activities—the air shifts from that warmth to a cold breeze. We swap our lighter summer attire for our favourite hoodie and woolly hat. It's in time to get cosy by the comfort of a warm fire and move towards that indoor "cosiness".

There is no need to check the weather; our body is already telling us about the change in season. Are you starting to feel the chill in your bones? In these cold months, our bodies feel that cold atmosphere and feel stiffer. We need to work harder to complete tasks that were simple in summer. One of the reasons for this is that your body could quickly adjust to activity because your muscles were warmer. There are other reasons we are stiffer in Winter. We have a more sedentary life; we tend to drink less water and are less hydrated.
Interestingly, your body needs more sleep and does less because of changes in how our cells and DNA function in the colder months. In Winter, the body stores fat and increases inflammation to help fight colds and flu. For many of us, more inflammation means more discomfort. That's why we need to pay more attention to our bodies. We need to combine the so-called outside world (more physical realms) with the so-called inside world (spiritual or more mindful realms).

I want you to imagine a spider web that is in all of our organs, muscles, nerves, bones connecting them entirely, having the end result as our body. That spider web called 'fascia' is mainly made of water. So, now I want you to imagine that water in our entire body, no wonder our bodies tend to be stiffer, and it takes longer to warm up in the winter mornings. We need to consider all the factors, between the body, the food that we eat, the heavier clothes and shoes, plus the lack of vitamins and how all those affect the body. Those sensations and feelings in the body force us to pay more attention to ourselves. Remember that what works for some doesn't work for others. That's the importance of checking in on what works for us.

If we look at nature during this time, it reminds us to go inwards. Just for a second, imagine that the trees are part of that outside world (our physical side), and as the leaves shed off the body to find the way to the earth, it is like the mind wants to connect to the deepest part of ourselves (consciousness). Through that connection, we learn how to deal with the changes that happen in our body and nurture them, accept them, and perhaps realise that everything comes together. Preparing ourselves for the future challenge and changes that will occur and reminding us to be more present than ever, to slow down, so feel those changes even if we don't want to.

Like most of us, the last two years were full of changes that we couldn't control, and the lockdown forced us to put things on hold or even slow down, putting things in a totally different perspective. But now, most people have to speed up even more than ever, forgetting the importance of paying attention to one self or the necessity of slowing down in Winter.

Despite the longer nights, the frost in the mornings, sleeping more, and not socialising as much as summer, there is still a lot to be grateful for at this time of year—the smell of Autumn and the sharp, clean air in Winter. The light during the day totally changes to be even more magical, almost like the sunrise or sunset point. The slowing down is a blessing, to pay attention on how your body dealt with the physical, and mental challenges of the year. This point of the year is almost like a cleanse where you can go inside to check what not longer serves you . I am really grateful that every time I go inwards or meditate, my body is showing me that path that will best suit me. I am grateful that my muscles, bones, fascia or, as I said before, to a cellular level, my whole body is telling me to slow down. I am so happy that I can understand the need of this time of the year. I am happy because in the dark nights, the stars shine the brightest. That is why I love to feel the light inside myself, the warmth that I create.

So remember to take it easy, light a candle and enjoy a nice warm cup of tea, or perhaps a bath, anything that helps ease the body and chill your mind. You deserve a rest the same way as the rest of nature. Regain the energy, strength, and inner power you have because - I'll tell you a secret - you are totally worth the TLC you can give yourself.

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