The Bump Yoga Mat: Yoga's secret weapon that's not just for expectant mothers

The Bump Yoga Mat: Yoga's secret weapon that's not just for expectant mothers

When it comes to practising yoga, your mat can sometimes feel like an extension of you. It’s your primary support for balance, grip and comfort in your poses, so when you find a great one, you won’t want to let it go. We believe that the Bump Yoga Mat is the best thick yoga mat on the market, offering additional support that can enhance yoga practice for many people in addition to pregnant women. Here are some of the other benefits of this super product: 

1. Extra thick to benefit those with injuries

The Bump Yoga Mat boasts a thick bumper cushion to offer ultimate support to your yoga regime. Its double thickness gives superior support, which, along with expectant mothers, can also provide comfort to those with injuries, especially to the wrists, knees and backs. Just remember that if you are still experiencing pain in an area of your body beyond what is healthy for you, it might be a sign that you need to allow your body time to recover. Only practice poses that are comfortable for now.


2. Additional Comfort 

The majority of people will be able to name at least one yoga pose they find uncomfortable. The Bump Yoga Mat can help make these poses you struggle with more comfort, allowing you to progress with your practice. The double thickness, along with the exceptional high grip surface means you can surrender to those poses for longer.

If you struggle with knee discomfort during lunge poses, such as a crescent lunge on the knee, this thick yoga mat will ensure that your knee is more protected. If you find a standard yoga mat too flat to enjoy the plough pose (inverted shoulder stand), this mat should offer the extra comfort your shoulders are craving.

The Bump Mat also includes a cotton carrying strap to help you maintain this level of comfort to and from your yoga classes and the mat feels exceptionally light to carry.


3. Aids relaxation

The importance of the meditative aspect of yoga should not be underestimated. Your body and mind benefit wonderfully from the quiet moments of surrender we experience during restorative yoga. The Bump Yoga Mat’s double thickness allows ultimate comfort in Savasana (corpse pose) and Balasana (child’s pose) enabling you to relax even more and allow stress to melt away. Its high-quality grip surface absorbs moisture, ensuring you stay relaxed and maintain your focus through vinyasas and standing sequences.


4. Centreline to help you find alignment

Another key benefit of this extra thick yoga mat is the centreline that allows you to master your poses effortlessly. Sometimes, especially when practising at home if you don’t have a mirrored space, it can be difficult to know if your feet are in alignment when practising a pose. The centreline enables you to get your footwork right before sinking or stretching into your pose.

So there you have it, our super thick, eco-friendly, wonder product that can benefit many more than just expectant mothers. Buy yours today and experience an enhanced practice.

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