Taking a moment to meditate

Taking a moment to meditate

It’s easy to get so caught up in life (at Ekotex Yoga this is a daily struggle!!) and forget to notice the little things you can be grateful for. This might be connecting with a loved one, remembering how awesome your family is or taking a moment to look at the beauty of the sky. Opening up space for gratitude practices with meditation can nourish you on a level that helps you manage everything else.

Making time

You don’t have to sit in a special way or place, but it can help anchor your meditation practice if you can find some sense of routine. This might be as simple as having a particular meditation cushion that you use at home and take with you when you go away anywhere. Find a period of time to sit on your meditation pillow to meditate every day for at least four weeks to create a new habit.

Clearing the mind?

People think you need a clear mind for meditation but that’s like saying you need a tidy house for cleaning. Meditation works in the mess.

There is a still point in the mind where you can place your attention. It’s the space before you react to things and the part of you that witnesses everything else. The practice of locating that point and paying attention to it is meditation. The more skilled you become at identifying with this place, the more confidence you will gain in your own stability and freedom. When you have that, you’ll look around at the rest of your mind and it will all seem lighter, more expansive and easier to manage. This ends up feeling like having a clearer mind but it’s a result, not a prerequisite.

Get technology on your side 

Meditation doesn’t mean disconnection from modern life. In fact, it needs to be right there in the middle of everything. You can download apps to help with your practice that offer everything from guided meditation to reminder bells that sound throughout the day. ‘Headspace’ is a popular and award-winning app but there are plenty of others so you can find the one that supports your unique practice. We also highly recommend the Calm app - it is a paid for app with a vast selection of guided meditations. 

Which cushion? Round or crescent?

We have two types of Zafu cushions, both have buckwheat fill (buckwheat hulls) and are made using organic cotton. We highly recommend a crescent cushion if your meditation sessions are over 30 minutes and/or you have tight hips. If you are very open in the hips the round cushion will suit you well - allowing you to sit in lotus position and open fully.

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