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When money is mixed with yoga we can sometimes feel a little awkward. And the ‘commercialisation’ of yoga is always a topic which brings great discussion and debate. But like most things, your internal thoughts and feelings define your viewpoint. Along with the intention behind your teaching and practice. If you teach for love, there is nothing ‘commercial’ in taking money for your classes (we all need money.) It only becomes such if your principal focus is financial gain.

Money is to our business as water is to a tree. Without it, there will be no tree. “Money” does not have to be a bad word. Asking for money as a yoga teacher does not make you greedy, a charlatan etc. There are ways and means to help those who can’t afford it, but it should not be to your complete and utter detriment. As a herbalist, I used to be so conflicted when it came to charging clients. I was looking after their health for love not for money. But my first business venture completely failed and I was not able to continue my work. A lesson well learnt.

As a company, we use money to cover our costs and buy new products - so you in turn can buy them from us. We have to pay for storage, container shipping, duties, utilities etc. As well as for the products themselves. We then use money to contribute to food, water, and our house!  So that I can be there to pick up the phone. Our principal focuses are for me to continue doing what I love, to research eco-friendly materials, to provide for my family. We price things carefully. Based directly on the landed cost of our products and our overheads. Financial gain does not really come into it. Which is why I no longer feel ‘awkward’ about money - my intentions are honest.

Price Matching
We can negotiate sometimes depending on the nature and size of your order - but we don’t price match. In our case, I do not agree with it. For one, we make our own products so our costs are different to our ‘competitors’. If something we stock is more expensive, there is a reason why (it's probably better!) The same applies to teachers and studios. I have never heard of ‘yoga class price-matching’.
A good example, I recently left a shipping company who I had worked with for over a year because he gave me a high quote initially, he then price matched a competitor quote (reduced the total by 30%). He could not understand why I wasn’t happy - I wasn’t happy because I’d been his customer for over a year and he had not given me his best price upfront. Every time I used him I would then have to go out to competitors again to get the best price from him - no thanks! There’s making financial profit to keep your business tree growing and healthy, and then there’s taking advantage of customer loyalty.

So, my wholesale customers will always get the best price we can do. We can sometimes move a little depending on the size of your order as volume can make a difference, so ask if you’re a bit of a haggler. But your price will always be fair, and we hope that will keep you happy for years to come.

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  • Caroline Foster

    What a brilliant post! Love it – honest and true and just common sense💰💖

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