Yoga Mat Seconds Light Purple / 60cm x 185cm Eko Balance Travel Yoga Mat (Factory-Second)

Eko Balance Travel Yoga Mat (Factory-Second)

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At 2.9mm thick this is a thinner, lighter, and more easily folded version of the Asana Mat but still has all of the excellent qualities that make this mat so popular! Superb grip, easy cleaning but yet still incredibly durable! With a relatively rough and dry texture (the Asana is softer) this is the perfect mat for more experienced yogis who are looking to achieve a deeper connection to the ground. This mat is machine washable at temperatures below 40 degrees.

Weight: 1.1kg

Thickness: 2.9mm

FACTORY SECOND: This mat will have minor imperfections, ridging or marks and may differ marginally from the specifications. It is still brand new and perfectly usable.

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