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    Yoga Mat Clearance Sale - Seconds Back In Stock!

    Yoga Mat Clearance Sale - Seconds Back In Stock!

    We're excited to announce that the NEW Kurma Grip yoga mat (and the Kurma Lite Grip) are now available, IN STOCK, as factory-seconds.

    All of our yoga mat seconds are manufactured within the EU to a high standard. Seconds generally have minor defects or may vary marginally in spec (usually slightly thinner or thicker). Every mat is slightly different, the vast majority of customers would not know that their mat is a Factory-Second. You can find more information about our seconds here.

    High-Quality Material

    These are hard-wearing mats, built to last a lifetime. By choosing a Kurma mat you are reducing our consumption as a whole. We know these mats will last far longer than their rubber counterparts and should never arrive in landfill.

    All seconds are made within Europe from PVC compounds in a zero-waste, zero-emissions process according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Tested for more than 300 harmful substances, it is guaranteed that all yoga mats from the European factory are free of phthalates, heavy metals, AZO, DOP and latex.


    Shop our Factory Seconds Range HERE!


    How we price our products

    price matching wholesale yoga

    When money is mixed with yoga we can sometimes feel a little awkward. And the ‘commercialisation’ of yoga is always a topic which brings great discussion and debate. But like most things, your internal thoughts and feelings define your viewpoint. Along with the intention behind your teaching and practice. If you teach for love, there is nothing ‘commercial’ in taking money for your classes (we all need money.) It only becomes such if your principal focus is financial gain.

    Money is to our business as water is to a tree. Without it, there will be no tree. “Money” does not have to be a bad word. Asking for money as a yoga teacher does not make you greedy, a charlatan etc. There are ways and means to help those who can’t afford it, but it should not be to your complete and utter detriment. As a herbalist, I used to be so conflicted when it came to charging clients. I was looking after their health for love not for money. But my first business venture completely failed and I was not able to continue my work. A lesson well learnt.

    As a company, we use money to cover our costs and buy new products - so you in turn can buy them from us. We have to pay for storage, container shipping, duties, utilities etc. As well as for the products themselves. We then use money to contribute to food, water, and our house!  So that I can be there to pick up the phone. Our principal focuses are for me to continue doing what I love, to research eco-friendly materials, to provide for my family. We price things carefully. Based directly on the landed cost of our products and our overheads. Financial gain does not really come into it. Which is why I no longer feel ‘awkward’ about money - my intentions are honest.

    Price Matching
    We can negotiate sometimes depending on the nature and size of your order - but we don’t price match. In our case, I do not agree with it. For one, we make our own products so our costs are different to our ‘competitors’. If something we stock is more expensive, there is a reason why (it's probably better!) The same applies to teachers and studios. I have never heard of ‘yoga class price-matching’.
    A good example, I recently left a shipping company who I had worked with for over a year because he gave me a high quote initially, he then price matched a competitor quote (reduced the total by 30%). He could not understand why I wasn’t happy - I wasn’t happy because I’d been his customer for over a year and he had not given me his best price upfront. Every time I used him I would then have to go out to competitors again to get the best price from him - no thanks! There’s making financial profit to keep your business tree growing and healthy, and then there’s taking advantage of customer loyalty.

    So, my wholesale customers will always get the best price we can do. We can sometimes move a little depending on the size of your order as volume can make a difference, so ask if you’re a bit of a haggler. But your price will always be fair, and we hope that will keep you happy for years to come.

    The Sweet Family

    Who are Ekotex Yoga?

    Who are Ekotex Yoga?

    About Us

    Ekotex Yoga began in July 2017 when I was 6 months pregnant with our son. We saw Ekotex as a way for me to continue doing what I love, while working flexibly with our child. I have this in common with many of our clients, who work as yoga teachers and studio owners around their children. Nothing felt more natural to me than working together as a family to build our life together.
    So, 3 weeks before Tom was born, we leapt into the unknown and Ekotex Yoga sprung into existence.

    Prior to Ekotex Yoga, I had spent 2 years managing The Yoga Shop (a company that had supplied equipment throughout the UK for over 15 years). The owner decided to close this company in October 2017, so we now continue to serve The Yoga Shop customers (mainly teachers and studios) with high quality equipment. In my time at the yoga shop, I learnt a great deal and had already started developing the Ekotex brand. The idea being, we use organic materials where possible and focus on 'touch' and 'quality' and use simple designs to reduce distraction. So, in some respects my journey with Ekotex began a long time ago - with the development of the Bump Mat and the re-design of our bolsters, cushions, blankets and props.

    We hit the ground running following our 'soft' launch, and continue to supply high quantities of our products to studios, teachers and yoga practitioners. We are small, therefore easy to contact. Our business is very much part of our family so we care very much about our reliability and level of service.

    Our Ethos & Mission

    We want to make an impact on the industry that yoga has become. First and foremost, we have to operate as a business to do this so that we can deliver good products at great prices to our customers. From here, we aim to make a significant, positive impact on the environment. By 'operate as a business', I mean to be professional in all we do. From the level of service you experience, to the product itself. We will deliver.

    The yoga industry is a contradiction where the environment is concerned. As individuals, yoga practitioners are thoughtful consumers - that is part and parcel of our yoga practice. However, when you look at the bulk of the products on the market there are very few that are genuinely environmentally friendly. The vast majority of mats are made from virgin plastic. The word ‘plastic’ is never used, but this is the material we practice on. The most popular pro mat in the world - made from virgin plastic. The UK’s most popular sticky mats - made from virgin plastic.

    There are natural alternatives, such as Jute, Rubber, Cork. But the cost is often prohibitive or the lifespan very short. PVC, when used well and produced cleanly, can be a beautifully comfortable and non-toxic surface to practice on. It is closed-cell and can be kept clean. It lasts forever. It is also cheap. For this reason, the majority of teachers I speak to ultimately end up using our high-quality PVC mats in their studios. Knowing all of this and having managed a yoga studio, I would make the same decision.

    It is my belief that the industry needs to provide consumers with a better option. That is my ambition, and is what Ekotex Yoga strives to achieve. We at least want to try! In the meantime, we do the little things. We use organic cotton where we can. We use PER (poly-environmental-resin) over PVC. I ask our manufacturers to stop wrapping our products in plastic, we use recyclable tapes, we reuse cardboard boxes and we print on recycled paper. Our warehouse uses LED lighting and our only waste output onsite is recyclable. We will get there. All we ask for is your custom! In return, you will receive high-quality, colourful yoga products and our gratitude.

    Factory-Seconds - How to Save A Yoga Mat

    Factory-Seconds - How to Save A Yoga Mat

    Why buy factory-seconds?

    We want to promote environmental sustainability through reduction of perfectly usable yoga mats being sent to landfill. We always ensure that we use local products if possible and ensure that our partner suppliers have environmental policies that do not conflict with our own. It is for this reason that we are able to source these mats at a discounted rate, and pass this discount on to you!

    Consider this…if you were to make a batch of cakes and one differed marginally from the rest in terms of aesthetics…would you still eat it, or throw it away? Would you go to a farmers market and not buy fruit and vegetables due to the shape or variation? We live in a world where everyone expects perfection – but why not be imperfectly perfect? To us – this is more natural and sustainable.

    Why sign up to the Advance Notice List?

    If you teach yoga, pilates or own a studio, we highly recommend that you sign up to our advance list. The sought-after seconds sell out very quickly online. By signing up to the list, we will be able to send you a list of mats arriving. You will then be able to pre-order the mats of your choice in a higher volume before they go online.

    But what about PVC?

    Our Planet Sadhana mats are considered ‘mats for life’ and we often have customers that have bought mats from us 10 + years ago getting in touch to let us know – or sourcing the same ones for friends/students. Our mats are made with PVC but consider this - these mats last a lifetime and therefore may only need to be bought once.

    Compare this with some of the more ‘eco-friendly’ materials that need to be replaced more frequently (often at least every year!). Upon considering factory emissions, transport, wrapping, printing and delivery the footprint of these mats over a lifetime is much less! In particular it is worth noting is the increased demand for rubber means that more tropical rainforest will be cut down since rubber trees only grow in the tropics!

    Don’t just take our word for it – there is plenty research to be found on the unsustainability of rubber. If you are looking for an extremely durable mat, which does not need to be replaced regularly then PVC is the obvious choice (as other sustainable materials do not have the durability required and therefore need to be repeatedly replaced!).

    So how can I help by buying one mat?

    By supporting the use of ‘rescued mats’ and buying even one which would otherwise be thrown out, that is still one less mat which will need to be produced, packed, branded, transported elsewhere etc. The reason we are able to contribute to the environment in a larger way (rehoming hundreds of mats per shipment) is due to the support of our customers like you. Every mat truly counts; just as every bit of recycling, second-hand item, or ethically sourced product. If we all work together, we can truly make a difference.

    What should I expect from the quality of my factory-second yoga mat?

    Every one of these EU-made mats are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 tested which means they have been independently checked for harmful substances to ‘product class 1 standard’ (for babies and toddlers!). We would hate to see these lovely mats wasted!

    Upon receipt of any factory-second order we spend a day going through each box checking the standard of the seconds. We will always aim to keep the Outlet up to date with particulars (such as the batch being thin, or having a particular mark etc). Any mats that we deem to be usable but are particularly ‘unique’ are then donated to the Prison Pheonix Trust. This way there is absolutely no waste – and you can count on the factory-seconds being in good condition!

    The factory-seconds that we have for sale on the Outlet are ones that differ marginally from the specifications or have small marks etc. Please be assured that we would never send you an unusable mat – or one which has extremely bad marks etc. Every mat sent is perfectly usable; any aesthetic defects do not affect the functionality of the mat.

    Things that might be present on your factory second…

    • Slightly thicker/thinner than specifications
    • Slight bubbling/tiny marks
    • Slightly longer/shorter/wider etc
    • Slight ridging/indents/lines (which does not impact functionality).

    We truly can’t remember the last time someone was not happy with the mat they received! Normally these surpass expectations and are a real bargain.

    Why sign up to the Advance Notice List?

    If you teach yoga, pilates or own a studio, we highly recommend that you sign up to our advance list. The sought-after seconds sell out very quickly online. By signing up to the list, we will be able to send you a list of mats arriving. You will then be able to pre-order the mats of your choice in a higher volume before they go online.

    Goodbye Yoga Shop, Hello Ekotex!

    Goodbye Yoga Shop, Hello Ekotex!
    Hello, This is Bruce, founder of The Yoga Shop. Today I have some exciting news for you and me. After nearly 20 years The Yoga Shop has closed.

    The good news is that it will re-open on Saturday, 7th October with new owners Abbie and James Sweet under the name and brand Ekotex Yoga.

    Read more