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A quality grip mat, that does not cost the Earth.

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Pure and simple, we walk more lightly on this planet.

At Ekotex Yoga in Scotland, we create naturally beautiful, ethical and durable yoga mats and props, designed to support yogis as much as supporting the planet. Our products are organic wherever possible. We already use less plastic than any competitor – we aim to phase it out completely by 2022. The price tag is affordable so that everyone can enjoy our feel-good products.

Cork Yoga Brick - Ekotex Yoga


Cork Yoga Brick
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We care about our planet

The modern 'commercialisation' of yoga has led to a marketplace full of products that are unsustainable and detrimental to our planet. We are a small company, with a vision to do better. We use paper tapes, compostable packaging and use recycled and organic materials wherever possible.

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